Are You Borg?

Campaign Concept, Digital Design, Graphic Design

The Challenge

Swedish sports fashion brand, Björn Borg, had a few retail stores located in Shanghai & Beijing. They wanted to increase store visits into each location, while driving sales. Our tasks was to help build this awareness online to help drive foot traffic offline and into the store environment.

The Solution

We first did a Market study, and found that the problem of Björn Borg wasn’t the sales but the awareness being low among its audience – few understood who Björn Borg was and the products they carried. To build a stronger Björn Borg identity, we needed to communicate its brand attributes in a singular and clear way.

We came up with the idea “Are You Bjorg?” On digital and social media, we asked netizens if they are Borg enough. We executed this by identifying the right KOLs and getting them to be part of our Brand Ambassadors. They would communicate Borg’s various products and designs and the styles behind them.  In addition, we collaborated with local graffiti artists to create artworks using Björn Borg’s signature product patterns as a way to enhance the visual recognition. Through the digital engagement, we made each product a social connection piece that allowed consumers to connect with other like-minded peers.  We created new packaging design with UGC elements as a way to expand the overall online collection from netizens. This audience participation lead to an increase in store traffic from our online target audience.