The 12 Breaking Out Animals

Concept, NFT Digital Art, Book Creation, Graphic Design

The Project

Enter an imaginative realm where the 12 Zodiac animals are free from the constraints of time and space, reimagined into fantastical beings unlike anything seen in our reality. This award-winning art project is a fusion of digital art, freehand drawing, and algorithm-generated graphics inspired by the ancient symbols. These creatures break into the Metaverse to explore uncharted paths, and each is brought to life with boundless imagination through digital art, poetry, book design and graphic design. The art NFTs are available on OpenSea.


The Metaverse Gallery

The Book

ISBN: 9781957144634
Format: Hardback (229mm x 152mm x 8mm)
Pages: 56
Imprint: Asian Culture Press
Publisher: Asian Culture Press
Publish Date: 21Nov, 2022