An Odyssey

Digital Campaign Concept, Digital Design, Production

The Challenge

Hennessy XO is perceived as a drink for the older generation – your Father’s cognac. Our challenge was how do we cater to a younger audience yet still maintain our rich heritage, craftsmanship and refining techniques.

The Solution

We focused on the younger audience, and their thirst for new experiences. They are searching for the next, new adventure. In a country that moves in real time, the social class needs to evolve their taste to match. Our idea was to build resonance and impact with them, so we visualized the refined taste of X.O with a 7 layer sensory journey to reflect the youth’s pace of life and complexity. We wanted to tap into all elements of people’s senses.

We invited Cannes winning director Nicolas Winding Refn to depict the 7 chapters of the Odyssey. Nicolas is known for a bold visual style, so we wanted to ensure our brand story was told in a modern way.

Campaign Video

KOL Social Video

To amplify our concept of the Odyssey, we collaborated with Chinese intellectual and KOL, Liang Wen Dao, to create various social content that expressed the meaning of Odyssey.  Consumers were invited to join and engage with his expressions via their social media channels.

WeChat H5 Engagement