Be Bold, Open Up

Digital Campaign Concept, Art Direction, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Production

The Challenge

The habit and behaviour of using mouthwash in China is infrequent and non-existent. Very few people do it, and awareness in the overall category and brand is low. The business problem we had to solve was how do we plant the seeds of mouthwash usage and its benefits, in a way that connects with the public’s attitude and sensibilities.

The Solution

We first looked at the data, and were able to see that current Listerine users have a bolder attitude towards life and were more willing to try new things. We combined this and engaged with another one of their passion points – food.

We came up with the Idea of “Be Bold and Open Up”. Eat all you want, don’t let it hold you back. We executed in a humorous tone, using internet slang and unique visual tactics to build relevance and engagement with our audience. We needed to grab their attention, and take them along for a journey to build relevance in a non-existent category. 

Online Teaser Video

We collaborated with Chinese VJ, Wang Han, to encourage our consumers to ‘Be Bold’ in their food experiences. We amplified various video content into targeted social channels to drive reach and virality. 

H5 Campaign Site on Dian Ping

We collaborated with Dian Ping to create a unique H5 page on their platform. We built a game mechanic of trying different flavours of food and connecting that with different types of restaurants on Dianping to build relevance. 

Special Pack Design

Campaign KV