Anchor Social Listening

Social Campaign Concept, Digital Design, Graphic Design

The Challenge

How do we connect with Moms and ensure we have an ongoing relationship with them as they raise their kids through different stages of their growth? Anchor needed to be seen as a leader in childhood development with Moms and young families but how should they continually provide the best support so Mothers could raise their kids properly with the best care and guidance possible.

The Solution

First time moms in China are inexperienced but open to different kinds of child raising techniques. They’re constantly on the search for the latest advice. They seek different opinions, and leverage the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in social media to help guide them. We developed the idea妈妈怎么办? 安佳在倾听 ‘What should you do Mom? Anchor is listening to you’.

Anchor setup a social listening platform to collect the comments on child raising topics. Then Anchor will give suggestions to these questions from a professional POV, helping to build leadership credentials in child raising. Small digital activations were embedded to further build engagement and fun. A CRM program was created to reward loyalty and convert more customers to the brand based on their activities. It was a tremendous success, helping to drive engagement and sales.

Brand Site Engagement

To make social listening more engaging, we created short animation videos to reflect different situations on child raising as a way to engage with mums.  They would select the video that’s most relevant to them and reply with their own opinions through a Q&A page. Then they’ll be given suggestions based on the selections and be categorized into different mum types such as Tiger Mum, Butterfly Mum etc. Once the interaction is completed, they would be directed to join a beneficial membership club as a way to strengthen brand loyalty.

Character Design