All In

Digital Campaign Concept, Digital Design

The Challenge

Adidas China wanted to deepen the connection with young Chinese consumers on digital platforms around the global platform of “All In”.

They wanted to engage the next generation of Chinese youth and millennial and raise interest in various sports activities such as football and running. We had to build a campaign that had strong brand identity and relevance to help grow awareness and sales through digital channels.

The Solution

China is a special market where people have relatively lower participation and obsession with sports as an overall percentage of the population. While their fitness activities is less individualistic, they are more engaged and inspired when they can do fitness with others. Hence we focused less on the “Me” and the sports performance and more on the “We” elements like passion, friendship and encouragement. We came up with the idea of ‘Better Together’, our way of translating the global ‘All In’ platform into the local market and applied it through different digital elements on China’s digital ecosystem.

Football Digital Engagement

Me and My Team are Friends: A space to connect players with teams and teams with leagues. It’s a place to talk football and learn about sponsored events. We built an engagement platform to converse with and train with my favorite CFA players. It was also a place to facilitate more play – by providing tools to form teams and build leagues and know what other players are wearing.

Running & Women’s Digital Engagement

Take the Challenge Together: Adidas provides fitness challenges for women and their friends to achieve together.  They discover the beauty of sports together and get hooked to build up the category by engaging friends groups. Each person who joins the challenge is provided a purchase incentive.

I Can Go Further with My Friends: Connect social runners with a multi-touchpoint engagement program with like-minded people and facilitate people to collaborate together to train for marathon events. We built customisable tools like a calendar, tips, advice content and training programs.